Meet Our Staff

Meet the team of people that makes it all possible.

Staff Email Addresses & Websites


Dr. Christy Bailey, Principal - Dr. Bailey's email

Tanya Gatewood, Secretary/Bookkeeper - Mrs. Gatewood's email

Rhonda Lawrence, Secretary/Data Manager - Mrs. Lawrence's email


Karen Belton - kbelton@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Belton's Website

Kristin Knight - kfknight@rock.k12.nc.usMrs. Knight's Website 

Robin Smith - rsmith@rock.k12.nc.usMs. Smith's Website

1st Grade

Susan Knight - sknight@rock.k12.nc.us - Ms. S. Knight's Website

Jennifer Stevens - jstevens@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Steven's Google Classroom - See Mrs. Stevens' for a code

Kristen Martin - kgmartin@rock.k12.nc.us - Ms. Martin's Website

2nd Grade

Ashby Gentry - agentry@rock.k12.nc.us - Ms. Gentry's Website

Teresa Strickland - tstrickland@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Strickland's Website

Carla Owens - cowens@rock.k12.nc.us - Ms. Owens' Website

3rd Grade

Brittany Blaney- bblaney2@rock.k12.nc.us - Ms. Blaney's Website

Brandy Lineberry - blineberry@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Lineberry's Website

Dawn Ore - dore@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Ore's Website

4th Grade

Shannon Biggs - sbiggs@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Biggs' Website

Jordan Vickers - jvickers@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Vickers' Website

Jessica Loredo - jloredo@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Loredo's Website

5th Grade

Elizabeth Key - ekey@rock.k12.nc.us - Ms. Key's Website

Tracey Hooker - thooker@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Hooker's Website

Danielle Williams - bdwilliams@rock.k12.nc.us - Ms. Williams' Website


Dr. Tina Whitten, Instructional Coach, AIG - twhitten@rock.k12.nc.us - Dr. Whitten's Website

Laura Weatherly, Guidance Counselor - lweatherly@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Weatherly's Website

Tori Webster - Title 1 - mdwebster@rock.k12.nc.us

Jessica Flynt, Exceptional Child Teacher - jgflynt@rock.k12.nc.us - Mrs. Flynt's Website

Victoria Cross, Exceptional Child Teacher - vcross@rock.k12.nc.us - Ms. Cross' Website

Sharon Ellis, School Nurse - sellis@rock.k12.nc.us

Kristin Gillikin, Speech Pathologist - kgillikin@rock.k12.nc.us

Christie Ore, School Social Worker - crore@rock.k12.nc.us

Marissa Casper, School Psychologist - mcasper@rock.k12.nc.us 

Abby Shaffer, Child Nutrition - cshaffer@rock.k12.nc.us

Sheri Wolfe, ESL -  swolfe@rock.k12.nc.us


Lavinia Combs - lcombs@rock.k12.nc.us - Music Website

Sabrina Craddock - scraddock@rock.k12.nc.us - Media Website

Justin Hall - jhall2@rock.k12.nc.us - PE Website

Alison Underwood - aunderwood@rock.k12.nc.us - Art Website

Teacher Assistants

Joyce Almstead, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant (Belton) - jalmstead@rock.k12.nc.us 

Andrea Collins, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant (Smith) - acollins@rock.k12.nc.us

Rebekah Daniels, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant (K. Knight) - rdaniels@rock.k12.nc.us

Edna Martin, Teacher Assistant - emartin@rock.k12.nc.us

Eder Dadul, Teacher Assistant - edadul@rock.k12.nc.us

Linette Williams, Teacher Assistant - lwilliams3@rock.k12.nc.us